Besides the high standard scientific program, there are several options for social program in the evenings. We will gather under the Nordic sun, which hardly sets before it rises again during those intense long summerdays in Norway. We highly recommend the social program to meet colleagues from around the world in an informal atmosphere while you get a closer look on Norway’s beautiful scenery. Please also note that interesting technical tours are offered on Friday 27th.

Opening Ceremony and Get-together-party: Monday June 23rd, 19.00-21.00

The WPSA Branch of Norway will host an informal get-together-party to set the atmosphere for the conference. This will be held in the brand new Stavanger Concert Hall together with the Mayor of Stavanger.  Price: Free

Banquet Dinner & Party: Wednesday June 25th, 19.00-02.00

Stavanger is a Scandinavian gastronomic metropolis. This evening we would like to give you a taste of the capabilities of our leading chefs through a dining concept that we have named “Blind Dining”. We meet for cocktails before the “Blind Dining”. After dinner, it’s party time with both live music and a DJ. Do not miss out on the “chic’est chick party” that the poultry industry has ever seen! Price: NOK 750

Social programme- different options:

Boat Trip & Dinner: Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th, 19.00-23.30

A windswept island, 20 minutes by boat from Stavanger’s city center, has in a couple of decades been transformed to a colorful palm tree garden with a well-renowed restaurant. After a lovely boat trip the participants will enjoy a garden tour before we sit down and enjoy a nice dinner in these unique surroundings, called Flor & Fjære. Price: NOK 1100


Pulpit Rock Hike: Tuesday 24th, 17.00-24.00

Pulpit Rock (Norwegian name Preikestolen) is a spectacular landmark and one of the most visited attractions in Norway. Pulpit Rock is a steep cliff with a flat plateau 604 meters above the fjord Lysefjorden, a breathtaking experience! The tour starts from Stavanger with a 45 minute ferry trip before we continue by coach to the Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge where the hike starts. Bring along comfortable clothes and good foot wear, as we will walk in the mountains for about 1,5 hours each way to the rock. Note! You are visiting the land of the midnight sun, so even at 22.30 there will still be daylight and good vision. Price: NOK 600. For an additional NOK 250 you will get packed lunch during the hike. The alternative is to bring your own food.


City Walk: Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th, 18.00-20.00

Stavanger has the finest, best-preserved wooden houses in Northern Europe. The tour starts in the old part of Stavanger, and includes a visit at the Norwegian Canning Museum to experience smoking and canning of sardines the old fashioned way. A stroll by the harbour area with its quaint fish market is included as well as the Stavanger Cathedral built in 1125 AD. The tour ends at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, where the exhibition explains how oil and gas is created, discovered and produced.  Price: NOK 200 


Lysefjord sightseeing with dinner: Thursday 26th, 18.30-01.00

Experience one of Norway’s most breath-taking fjords. The Lysefjord is host to one of Norway’s most spectacular natural wonders; the Pulpit Rock, a rock formation 604 meters above sea level. The fjord is 42 kilometers long with steep mountainsides reaching heights of 1100 meters. We will stop and enjoy a nice dinner at the Lysefjord-Helleren restaurant. Cruising back to Stavanger you will have great views of the city. Note! You are visiting the land of the midnight sun, so even at 23.30 there will still be daylight and good vision. Price: NOK 900


Technical tours – Friday 27th

Within an hours drive of Stavanger you find some of the key hatcheries for both broilers and layers, as well as the country’s largest egg packing station and one of the largest broiler slaughtering plants. The food industry here is ultra-modern, and covers the entire chain of activities from primary production to processing-companies and distributors. Over 25 companies and organizations are working with R&D activities related to food and production in this area. The technical tour will be arranged by coach to visit some of these companies including the largest Norwegian feed mill. The tour includes a trip to a remote farm in the mountains where a gourmet buffet will be served. Along the way is a unique opportunity to view the stunning landscape of the region.

Technical tour Alternative 1 : Egg Production, 08.30-16.00

Technical Tour Alternative 2 : Broiler production, 08.00-16.30      


To register for the Social Program and the Technical Tours, please tick the boxes for these in the Online registration form found under «Registration» at the Conference website