On behalf of the Norwegian organising committee, WPSA and the whole academic and commercial poultry society of Norway, we extend to you a warm invitation to visit Norway in 2014. We will gather under the Nordic sun, which hardly sets before it rises again during those intense June days when the conference will take place.

In addition to the magic sensation created by the long days and the intense flourishing of everything alive, the cosy atmosphere of the wooden houses and the vibrant nightlife in the small city of Stavanger, the European capital of Culture in 2008, will add further to the unique atmosphere that we hope will give everyone attending lasting sweet memories.

Our slogan for the conference is “Gaining knowledge with a smile”. We aim to combine the straightforward and informal matter-of-factly Norwegian culture with professionalism and hospitality at the highest level. The nature in the Stavanger area is spectacular! You will find the richest agricultural area in the country to the south, and in the north and the east this is replaced by untamed mountains rising like thousand meter high walls up from the fjords. This gives you a wide range of pre- or post-conference opportunities, which will further add to a unique Norwegian conference experience.

The main factor determining the success of the conference will be the quality of the scientific presentations and the high-quality discussions and thoughts of all delegates. This will depend on all those attending the conference. However, we will do our utmost to make sure the programme is addressing core issues facing poultry production and science world-wide. Through a carefully selected scientific committee and merit-based criteria for invitation, we will ensure that the speakers at the conference add knowledge and stimulate good discussions to further improve an already very advanced and science-based industry. Thus further strengthening the industry’s position as one of the most sustainable and competitive animal industries in the world.

Thus, do not miss out on this rewarding conference, and mark your calendar now for the 14th European Poultry Conference in Stavanger, Norway June 23rd – 27th 2014.

We look forward to seeing you in Stavanger!

Best regards – Nils & Birger

Chairman of Scientific Committee, Prof. Birger Svihus