NEW! Traditional mid-summer eve party at a nearby island (now open for booking):

Photo: Innovation Norway – Johan Berge

The weather forecast allows us to believe that we will have reasonable weather 23rd of June. In Norway, 23rd of June is mid-summers eve, and therefore the brightest night during the year. Thus, we have decided to open up for 200 delegates to join us by boat to a small island just outside the city center. On this island you will get the opportunity to celebrate this bright night the way many Norwegians do: with beer and hotdogs around a bonfire at the beach.

The boat will leave from the harbor outside the concert hall after the opening ceremony at 21.00 and return approximately 00.30. This after-party is for the most adventures and party-hungry among the participants, and will be a rough celebration on the beach around a gigantic bonfire. There will be no chairs or tables apart from those made by nature, and no other heat than that which comes from the fire (and your fellow-celebrators). Thus bring warm clothes that you are not afraid to get dirty, and please remember to dress suitably for the chilly Norwegian nights (sneakers, jeans and a warm jacket). Reservations will be on a “first-come, first-serve basis” and should be booked directly with Stavanger Forum: Please note that those who are participating in the youth program and have already signed up with Benedicte do not need to book with Stavanger Forum, you are on the list. The traditional mid-summer eve party is sponsored by Adisseo.

General information about mid-summers eve: